Sunday, May 22, 2022

The QNETPro Message Reigns Strong at V-UAE 2016

With over ten thousand people in attendance, the V-UAE 2016 stage proved to be the best platform to reiterate QNET’s strong stance on Professional Marketing. V Partner Kuna Senathirajah took to stage to acknowledge all our Independent Representatives who have shown their support to QNET by taking the #qnetpro pledge this year, and to urge IRs to continue growing in their network marketing journey by upholding QNET’s Code of Ethics.


Kuna Senathirajah spoke about the importance of transparency in network marketing and what it is that sets QNET apart from the rest of the global direct selling companies. He echoed QNET’s desire to build a strong network of quality entrepreneurs who uphold the most important core value of Integrity.


To demonstrate QNET’s seriousness about our long term future, Kuna Senathirajah invited Associate V Partners Dev Johl, Fofana Amaral, Sachin Gupta, and Kalai Manikam on stage to the QNETPro forum where they discussed what it means to be a professional QNET network marketer, what it takes to be a leader, and how to continue to inspire and change people’s lives.

People will have all kinds of opinions about everything as if they know everything.  I believe we need to verify and find facts, rather than go by people’s opinion.” – Associate V Partner Sachin Gupta


V Partner Kuna Senathirajah About QNETPro

The session was a big shout out to all our IRs who not only took the #qnetpro pledge to heart, but also helped spread the word and participated in the incredible QNETPRO Video Contest. In case you have missed out on all the buzz around the contest, here are the top three videos we received.


The winning videos can be viewed by clicking on the play button!

Congratulations also to our runners up who took the time to make and share their videos with us. You were incredible.

4th Place: Rohan Chhetri, India.
5th Place: Mir Iqbal Ali, India.
6th Place: Noha Adel Elkady, Egypt.
7th Place: Khalid Ghali, Egypt
8th Place: Ahmed Taha Hagras, Egypt
9th Place: Anand K Krishnan, India
10th Place: Anshul Jain, India

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  1. We will do business ethically.
    Our upline’s taught us always to do the business ethically and through proper system.


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