From Left To Right – Communications Director of QNET’s Agency in Moscow Vladimir Vagin, QNET Turkey General Manager Cem Geyik, QNET Chief Executive Office Haldun Arin, QNET Health and Beauty Specialist Sunny Shaper and QNET Russia Business Development Manager Batyr Komurzoev ready to welcome the media to the Absolute Living Breakfast event.
Esteemed journalists and bloggers in attendance at the Absolute Living Media Event at Moscow

This August, QNET organised an interactive unforgettable Absolute Living Media Event in Moscow, giving Russian journalists and bloggers a first-hand view of the health and wellness products that are the heart of QNET’s range of international quality products.

The Absolute Living breakfast was organised at a well-known restaurant in Old Moscow, bedecked in Absolute Living colours, with our favourite products boldly on display. The interactive media session included a lively introduction to QNET and the QNET concept of Absolute Living given by QNET Chief Executive Office Haldun Arin.

QNET’s products comprise a system. We do not just offer a product or two. We offer a system of life, a lifestyle where, by taking using and applying QNET products, you achieve the best results. We believe constantly improvement and innovation when it comes to our products, and we invest a lot in Research and Development. With the help of our partners who are global experts, we ensure our products are unique and exclusive” said QNET’s Chief Executive Officer Haldun Arin.

QNET Health and Beauty Specialist Sunny Shaper then took to stage to talk about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and how beautiful skin is the inevitable result of that. Sunny also spoke about the importance of taking care of oneself and one’s skin. His session included a live demonstration on how to use the Physio Radiance range of products. 

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