QNET Chief Marketing Officer Trevor Kuna, V Partner Adly Hassan and V Partner Donna Imson-Lecaroz pose with the first batch of Gold Stars at V-UAE 2016

More than seven hundred V-UAE 2016 participants who took Rank Advancement seriously and progressed to the Gold level were recognised through over the course of this unforgettable V-Con. Induction into the exclusive QNET Achievers’ Club is a testament to your success in the network marketing journey. It is also proof of how, at QNET, we celebrate your milestones with Awards, Incentives, Recognitions and Events (AIRE).

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The Achievers’ Club Recognition team who work all year round to ensure QNET IRs are recognised for their hard work and triumph over trials.

This year’s batch of Gold Stars were inspirational and their energy was infectious. These new Gold Stars are on their way to not only maintain their Gold Star status weekly, but also be well on their way to join QNET’s prestigious roster of Platinum Stars.

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Want to join the ever growing family of QNET Achievers? You too can become a Gold Star by fulfilling these requirements illustrated in this INFOGRAPHIC: Q10 Compensation Plan at a Glance. We have total faith that you can strike gold again at V-CON 2017.

Keep an eye on the Achievers’ Club microsite in the Virtual Office. All Gold Star recognition photos will be available soon.

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