What man doesn’t want to be like James Bond? This bad boy secret agent has it all – the dapper looks, the manly confidence, the daring adventures, and the swooning women. Now you can, with our guide to looking like Bond.

Take Care of That Hair

So you’ve somehow ended up with unruly, thick and coarse hair. What’s a guy to do? It is what it is, right? WRONG! James Bond always has a clean and sophisticated look, and the women fall over themselves for his quiff. So get yourself a razor and an appointment at your local barber. Ask for a texturised cut and close crop for hair like Bond.

Dude, You Stink!

Bond could always smell a rat; don’t smell like one yourself. You may look cute and have washboard abs, but if you smell funky, people will still run away screaming.

Be like Bond by sporting a scent that is dangerously sexy and suave. Here’s how you get super spy-scent and banish body odour:

  • ALWAYS use deodorant.
  • Shower more than once a day.
  • Exfoliate your body.
  • Remember to brush, floss and use mouthwash to avoid dragon breath.
  • Completely dry your body after showering as dampness causes bacteria.
Sort Out That Skin

Look in the mirror. Do you see the face of a suave secret agent and confident super spy? If not, don’t fret. Get sexy, smooth and fresh skin by using DEFY, now available in your eStore. The DEFY two step skin care system will not only save you time but also completely transform your skin from beast to Bond. The DEFY Dirt Fighter is your cleanser, mild exfoliator and shaving cream all in one. Its exclusive combination of active ingredients will protect your skin, destroy bacteria, tone your pores, reduce wrinkles and fight acne. 

After the Dirt Fighter, follow it up with the DEFY Youth Tonic. This potent serum moisturises, balances oil levels, controls shine and reduces wrinkles, leaving your ugly mug looking younger, brighter and pimple-free! 

Get the essence of Bond by getting a sharp haircut, staying clean smelling and using DEFY for a face worthy of a secret agent. Here’s to charming the women just like James Bond!

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