Having discovered that the number one medical requirement at the nursing home where QNET Thailand had volunteered previously was for muscle relief balms, QNET Thailand organised a Corporate Social Responsibility titled ‘It Will Heal’.




To help the elderly with relief from their aches and pains, QNET staff put their Saturday forward to come together to make fluid muscle relief roll-ons from scratch. The team was split into five groups and each group went through the process of measuring the right ingredients, patiently mixing them, labelling the bottles, filling them and fixing the roll-on top. Through the activity, over two hundred and fifty abandoned elders would receive free fluid muscle relief balms that were hand-made with love by QNET.


Through the various CSR activities that the staff of QNET in Thailand have participated in throughout the year, the desire to follow the values of RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind) has grown stronger and stronger, with staff willing to drop all other plans and help out in any way they can. This passion and dedication to make a difference will soon see us meet our collective goal of Touching A Billion Hearts.

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