For the fifth year running, Taarana School for Children with Special Learning Needs hosted their annual concert around the theme of ‘Cultural Unity’ for their families. The spectacular showcase featured a slew of traditional dances from different cultures to an audience of over three hundred well-wishers.


The performances were a marvel to look at, and were a means for the special needs children of Taarana to express themselves through dance. The audience was treated to the Terengganu-traditional Ulik Mayang dance, Kuda Kepang dance, Chinese lantern dance, and the Chinese Fan and Ribbon dance.


“The students here have been working diligently to put on a good performance for their loved ones during this concert. We are very proud of how far they have come, clearly through their dedication towards making this concert a success. Each year, we see a different light in them and this year, we watched them glow in Malaysia’s cultural splendour,” said Chairperson of the Vijayaratnam Foundation Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran.


As with every year, this annual concert was a testament to the dedication of the Taarana staff to help students with learning difficulties to develop social and academic skills through tailor-made programmes that focus on the holistic development of each child.


Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran added, “Taarana endeavours to assist these children to assimilate into society and to learn how to be independent, and musical performances like these help build their confidence. This concert is a means to showcase their skills and hidden talents and we could not be any happier with what has taken place today. Seeing the smiles on their faces and that of their family and friends is what keeps us going.”

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