Swiss eLearning Institute, QNET’s well-loved online educational platform, organised an inspirational graduation ceremony for its students at the tremendous V-UAE 2016 stage. Over eighty graduates from across the world received their certificates on stage in front of an incredible 10,000-strong audience. The graduation ceremony was yet another expression of QNET’s long-term commitment to holistic development of Independent Representatives through the Absolute Living campaign.


Product Marketing Manager of Online Education Bernhard Gaksch unveiled the brand new Swiss eLearning Institute app and spoke about how the courses at Swiss eLearning Institute are constantly being adapted to not only make learning an enjoyable experience but also a fruitful one. Bernhard Gaksch reiterated that the courses are curated by globally renowned academics, scientists and field professionals from Switzerland’s leading online university, the SMC University, and are designed to provide students with necessary and relevant knowledge that result in first-hand skills and tools that can be immediately applied in everyday life and business.

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V Partner Donna Imson-Lecaroz took to stage and spoke about the importance of education in reaping success. She regaled the audience with a story about a mother in Mali who was deeply saddened by her son’s disinterest in his studies and his tendency to slack of. As a QNET IR, she bought a Swiss eLearning Institute development course and offered it to her son. Her son not only finished the course but was inspired enough to go back to university and get an engineering degree.


Together, V Partner Donna Imson-Lecoroz and Product Marketing Manager of Online Education Bernhard Gaksch welcomed the new batch of Swiss eLearning Institute graduates who received their Certificate of Achievement on stage. Here are some highlights of the ceremony.



The next Swiss eLearning Institute Graduation Ceremony will be held in West Africa at WaveCon15 in December. To register, finish your courses by 4 December 2016 and send an email and Keep a look out in your Virtual Office for more details about the event. 

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