In September 2015 nearly 60 people have suffered from water poisoning in the city of Kafr El-Shiek. Contaminated water is very dangerous and can lead to serious health hazards, and even though HomePure 7-Stage Water Filtration System and HomePure Eaze are tested and certified by NSF International, you should note that facing such challenging situations might noticeably reduce the lifespan of your HomePure water filter.

There have been reports of fine sediments clogging water filtration systems across the globe. Even though the water was safe in these cities, the small sediments could damage the HomePure filters resulting in a shorter lifespan. In addition, airlocks are another frequent problem that causes clogged filter cartridges. These air compression cases might happen if the water supply is unstable or the water pressure is too strong, exceeding two bar.

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These are some suggestions to maintain the lifespan of your HomePure water filter and keep yourself and your family safe from harm.

Avoid heavily contaminated water

Contaminated water causes the filter to work much harder to eliminate impurities. The heavy duty might seriously decrease the average lifespan of your filter cartridge, so in order to maximise the results, use your HomePure water filter only with safe metropolitan tap water.

Use a HomePure Prefilter

A HomePure Prefilter, or a specific fine sediments prefilter, will greatly improve not only the quality of your water, but also the lifespan of the filter itself. This is highly recommended when facing low clarity water

Our NSF Certified HomePure water filters are the best option for clean and quality drinking water. Go to your eStore and invest in a water filter today. 

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Written by Jacopo Contin