Here are four simple ways you can man up and live absolutely, and nurture a better you. 

Tip #1: Always Take Responsibility


Win or lose, right or wrong, you need to accept responsibility for your actions and decisions. The buck stops with you; there is no blaming others. If you’ve made mistakes, own up to them, learn from them and move on. There’s no shame in your journey to be a better man.

Tip #2: Take Proper Care Of Yourself


A real man looks after himself, so make sure you clean up well, have a healthy diet and get your body moving to keep in great shape. For your skin, use DEFY Dirt Fighter, a cleanser, exfoliant and shaving cream all in one, and DEFY Youth Tonic, an after-shave that helps control oil levels, and fights wrinkles, available in your eStore.

Tip #3: Work For What You Want


Don’t just dream about the life you wish you had, go out there and make it happen. Quit complaining, keep working on your dreams and make them your own reality. When haters and naysayers tell you that it can’t be done, forge your own path and prove them wrong.

Tip #4: Keep Good Company


You are the sum of the people you hang around with. And you can choose who you want to spend time with. So spend time with people who dream big, take action and inspire you to do more. Leave the gossipers, the complainers and the quitters behind, because you will outgrow them in no time. And do your part to encourage and inspire others along with you in your journey to success.

The journey of a real man is pure grit, hard work and persistence. But it pays off. The rewards are when you get your girl, make your money, and achieve your dreams. You are a man, you can do it.

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