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4 Common Skin Problems And Their Solutions

In a world where appearances matter, one of the most common desires is to have HD-ready skin that photographs well without layers and layers of make-up, or digital retouching of any kind. To achieve this, a carefully thought out skincare routine is necessary. Here is our list of common skin problems and their solutions.

Dull Skin

Lackluster skin is a common bane, and is often caused by poor diet, ageing, dead skin cells and environmental pollutants. While some of these are factors not in your control, your skincare routine is.

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Give your sluggish, sallow skin a quick pick-me-up by using the Physio Radiance Visage + facial device along with the Physio Radiance range of skincare products, available in your eStore. Their ingredients deeply penetrate the skin layers by using state-of-the-art technology, leading to a bright and glowing complexion.

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Women who are looking for the sun-kissed look, apply a bronzer where the sun would hit naturally – the top of your cheekbones, your forehead, temples, and the sides of your nose and chin. Follow up with a rosy blush to help give you an extra radiance boost.

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They almost always seem to strike you just before an important event. Don’t despair, you are not alone. It happens even to the top models of the world. First things first, resist the urge to pick, pop or press the affected area, this will only result in redness and an open sore.

The best solution to breakouts is to be consistent with your skincare routine.

– Don’t forget to cleanse your face every morning and every night before you sleep. Do not use serums during this time, cleanse, tone and moisturise only.

– Make sure you drink plenty of water to flush your system.

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– Apply BioSilver 22 Gel, available in your eStore, on the affected area. Its antimicrobial properties will rid your skin of even the most stubborn bacteria, helping you heal faster.

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– Get lots and lots of rest, and practice the art of picking your battles. Stress only add to your breakouts and you don’t need that in your life.

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Puffy Eyes

The key to reducing puffy eyes is having something cool applied to them. A cool compress or cooled cucumber slices applied for 5 to 10 minutes can constrict blood and lymph vessels. You can also use cool tea bags, which contain tannins that will help reduce swelling.

Puffy eyes can also be caused by a high salt diet or alcohol, try to cut out both before an important occasion and get your beauty sleep. Drinking KENTA before bedtime will also assist in better skin health as it contains nutrients to increase cell production and improve skin health while you sleep. Beauty is, after all, an inside job. 

Skin Redness

Sensitive skin reacts to unavoidable air pollutants, but you can keep redness at bay and preserve your skin by using a hypoallergenic skincare range. Choosing the right cleanser is very important. Physio Radiance Comfort Emulsion Cleanser is a creamy cleanser with a pH level equivalent to that of tears and directly emulsifies when coming into contact with damp skin, giving a deep cleansing action without causing dryness. Follow with a gentle toner and moisturizer. If using Visage +, be sure to use with the yellow light to soothe away skin redness.

It’s never too late to start adopting good skincare practices. Start by pampering yourself and your loved ones with a Physio Radiance Visage+ available in your eStore. What are you waiting for? Take control of your skin health today!

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*Written by Simone Trampert

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