Constantly striving to be on top of drinking water treatment technologies and trends, QNET attended an educational seminar hosted by NSF International in Seoul, South Korea. As the developer of the HomePure range of water filters, the seminar was an eye-opening glimpse into the water related issues faced globally and their solutions, and will feed into how we continue to develop our IRs’ favourite product.


The seminar was conducted by NSF International Leaders and covered a variety of issues including a discussion about the biggest water-crisis of our time in Flint, Michigan. Director of Global Business Development Richard Andrew, Reginonal Manager of South East Asia Soyoung Lee, both from the Global Water Division, led sessions on the importance of using NSF certified water filters, especially now with popular bottled drinking water companies coming under fire because their products were contaminated with E. coli.


They then walked through the intense NSF Drinking Water Treatment Unit (DWTU) Certification Process. HomePure water filters are NSF certified, which means that they pass NSF’s strict quality measures, including the annual audit of production facilities to ensure consistency in manufacturing process and materials.

The most important highlight of the event was the knowledge sharing of the World Health Organisation International’s scheme to evaluate household water treatment technologies. With the rising prevalence of contaminated water, WHO have stressed the importance of owning a certified home water-filtration system.

NSF showed their carefully curated list of NSF certified manufacturers and products – HomePure, available in your eStore, ticked off all the boxes in the area of reduction of taste and odour, as well as the reduction of chlorine, turbidity and volatile organic compounds. HomePure also appeared as one of the few certified products in Asia. 

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