In a bid to reach their goal of Touching a Billion Hearts, and channelling their passion of RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind), QNET Turkey ran the Istanbul Marathon last Sunday to raise funds for the disadvantaged children who are cared for by the Koruncuk Village, a project of the Turkish Foundation for Children in Need of Protection (TKMCV).

QNET Turkey staff and Independent Representatives (IRs) came together to raise awareness about the state of vulnerable and exploited children in Turkey and in doing so, also raised funds for their charity of choice, the Koruncuk Village. The project believes that every child is entitled to compassion, love and understanding, nutrition and a healthy living environment. Through its various activities, Koruncuk Village ensures that the children they rescue and house get just that. Apart from that, the children also receive modern education, and a chance to improve their talents and skills.

QNET Turkey believes that change can start with a single individual, and every act of kindness causes a butterfly effect in making the world a better place. The funds raised by running this marathon will be used by Koruncuk Village to continue their good work with children from vulnerable backgrounds.

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