As network marketers, we have the responsibility to conduct our business with utmost integrity. Our own success and that of the company we represent – and even the entire industry – relies heavily on how we are perceived by our potential network. Making sure that we constantly engage in ethical practice when doing business keeps us protected from negative judgment and helps us build trust with our network and future partners.

When your network sees that you have their best interests at heart, they feel more secure in continuing to do business with you and encouraging others to do the same.

Here’s how to conduct business like a true #qnetpro:

  • Refer only to official QNET materials when presenting the QNET Business Plan.
  • Be transparent with how you estimate expected profits; state the basis of your claims and always be realistic about these claims.
  • Always introduce yourself when presenting the business.
  • Do not make false representations concerning amount of time, expenditure, income, and risk to be expected in doing the business.
  • Never take advantage of another person’s circumstances to entice them into entering the business.
  • Never use force – whether physically or through harassment or coercion – to convince a person to join.

For a more comprehensive guide on professional business practices, read the QNET Code of Ethics. Engage true success by taking the #qnetpro pledge today.

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