Saturday, May 21, 2022

Thousands Throng The QNET Absolute Living Expo in Yangon


QNET made a strong connection with the people of Myanmar with its first ever QNET Absolute Living Expo hosted in Yangon. On display were our popular personal care, and health and wellness products that form an integral part of our Absolute Living campaign, a campaign that embraces a holistic approach to overall well-being. The Independent Representatives and general public in attendance were able to to touch, feel and benefit from its high quality global products that were showcased.



Many thronged the various booths to see for themselves and experience an expert selection of lifestyle-friendly food supplements for long life and vitality, namely EDG3 and Kenta under QNET’s LifeQode range of health and wellness products. Also on display was QNET’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives over the past two years in Myanmar, as well as our prestigious partnership with Manchester City Football Club.


For women wanting a natural solution to healthier, clearer skin, QNET Absolute Living Expo offered the Physio Radiance range of skincare products. This included a facial demo with our expert Sunny Shaper. The three-day Expo was also aimed at educating the people on proactively taking  care of their physical health with natural food supplements that protects them on a cellular level, and  providing care for their skin with skincare routines that activate cells to work naturally at their best.


QNET’s Chief Marketing Officer, Trevor Kuna summed up the Expo by saying “The resounding response from our network in Myanmar follows our great success in such Expos held in Africa recently. As a global entity, we will continue holding such exhibitions in Turkey, Indonesia and Russia. At QNET, we work for your well-being and the general wellness of global citizens with our awesome products. May all of you be blessed and showered with good health and prosperity come 2017.”

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