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QNET Hong Kong Welcomes New Gold Stars

Our enthusiastic crowd of Independent Representatives cheer our new batch of Gold Stars

QNET Hong Kong proudly welcomed new Gold Stars into the Achievers’ Club family in a prestigious event that saw over a thousand Independent Representatives in attendance. The event also served as a platform to celebrate QNET’s 18th Anniversary in the best way possible, surrounded by our loyal QNET family of IRs. This is the second recognition ceremony held this year.

QNET Chief Operating Office Malcolm Chiu opened the event by sharing how working at QNET, and seeing the energy and positivity of QNET IRs everyday has changed his life. He said that he wakes up every morning inspired to serve, and he does so by dedicating time and energy into taking QNET and the QNET customer experience to greater heights.

QNET Chief Network Success Malou Caluza inaugurated the Achievers’ Club Recognition ceremony with a very inspiring speech that started with a sharing about the recently held QNET Achievers Incentive Tour to England and the amount of hard work and dedication that our Platinum and Diamond Stars have put in to be eligible for the trip. She then proudly welcomed and recognised our newest Gold Stars onstage with our QNET Chief Operating Officer Malcolm Chiu and Associate V Partner Kalai Manikam.

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Here are a few snapshots of the event.

QNET believes there is unity in diversity and are we are proud of how we embrace people of all cultures into one large QNET family. We celebrated this belief by showcasing traditional costumes in an exciting fashion show


Associate V Partner Kalai Manikam addresses the crowd. She motivated the crowd to have a firm grip on their dreams, and to never allow any obstacle hinder them in pursuit of success
We shared a huge cake to celebrate QNET’s 18th Birthday!

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