To be a successful network marketer and a #qnetpro , it is crucial to clearly describe the business plan and what it involves, without overestimating success and communicating any misleading information that may jeopardise your reputation and the company’s image.

Sugar coating the business plan could give your network instant happiness, but the damage will be great, as soon as they realise the claims are not what it seems to be. As a result, they will be drawn away and worse, may discourage others from dealing with you.

It is also important not to hide any possible risk that come with the business. When your downlines see that you are honest and transparent about the business possibilities, they will have the confidence to stay on and send out positive word of mouth, for others to come on-board.

Here’s what to keep in mind when discussing the QNET Business Plan:

  • Never make any false representations or claims
  • Always explain that their success is dependent on individual effort – success is not achieved just by sitting back and dreaming about it
  • Never overestimate or exaggerate the annual gross income
  • Study the method of calculating profitability well, to explain it better
  • Base achievements or profitability on an average person under normal circumstances
  • If there is no previous experience to base expectation, make this known
  • Be up front about possible risks when carrying out the business

Take your time to understand the QNET Business Plan and Benefits, as being well informed translates into your network’s confidence to do business with you.

When in doubt, refer to the QNET Code of Ethics for reference and observe the guidelines at all times. Also remember to take the #qnetpro pledge today, and the Pledge Against False Representation.

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