Friday, July 1, 2022

QNET Hong Kong Stretches Some Muscle for Mother Nature


QNET Hong Kong staff and Independent Representatives (IRs) joined forces and made their way to the beach for the annual coastal clean-up at Lung Kwun Tan Beach.  This is the company’s fifth year of working with Hong Kong Clean Up. Their mantra throughout the activity – ‘If we will not do this, who else will?’

Lung Kwun Tan means ‘mirror in the sky’, and is in the West Coast of Hong Kong, south of the Black Power Point Station. Since the beach is non-gazetted by the government, it is not cleaned regularly, and is often the victim of pollution from the power station and littering by beach goers who host regular barbecues on the beach.


QNET Staff and IRs vigorously worked together to pull heavy tyres washed up along the shoreline. With their never-give-up attitude, they succeeded in getting rid of the tyre which was buried deep in the sand.

Among those who dedicated their time to cleaning up the coast, and leading by example, were our very own QNET Chairman Richard Zinkiewicz, QNET Chief Operating Officer Malcolm Chiu and QI Director of Finance & Planning Cathy Zhou. A great display of teamwork made sure that each piece of rubbish, no matter how small or gigantic, was delivered to the garbage collection point.


QNET Staff and IRs also took on the responsibility of gathering data about the types of rubbish and the total weight collected. This information helps Hong Kong Clean-Up  build reports that educate public, business and government officials about the scale and serious consequences of the global marine debris problem, littering and dumping, as well as the need to reduce, reuse and recycle whether we are at school, at work or at home.

Thanks to the activity, thirty big recyclable bags of rubbish weight over 450 kgs of rubbish were cleared, excluding the weight of the tyres, pails and barrels cleared.  QNET Hong Kong were declared the Bronze winner in the Coastal Cleanup Challenge in the category of Largest Corporate Team. This is one of the meaningful CSR activities of QNET Hong Kong, demonstrating their team spirit and dedication towards the care of the environment.

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