Saturday, May 21, 2022

QNET Indonesia Hosts Absolute Living Beauty Enthusiasts Gathering

Encouraging women to embrace a holistic lifestyle, educating them on home grooming techniques and talking about the science behind ageing, QNET Indonesia organised a successful Absolute Living Beauty Enthusiasts Gathering in Jakarta. The event was organised around the theme of Absolute Living and was attended by famous Indonesian bloggers, social media influencers and media personnel.

QNET invited Rosdiana Setyaningrum, a renowned psychologist with an expertise in coaching and therapy of women, as its esteemed Guest Speaker. Speaking from her experience as a therapist, she explained that many women fear the ageing process, and often regret not taking care of themselves till it’s too late. “During adulthood, in the early thirties, when ageing starts, women usually give more attention to the things other than herself, such as her family, children, surroundings, and career. In this period that is known as the “happy age” for women, loving oneself is a necessity. Beauty that is well preserved and healthy will become an achievement as well as stress relief from the many activities and responsibilities that women hold. Ageing is unavoidable. However, it is possible to slow it down and turn it over to a condition called beauty with character.”


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The core message of the event was to embrace the QNET concept of Absolute Living, a lifestyle choice that encourages a balanced approach to physical and mental health.  As a solution to many of the attendees fear of fading beauty, Physio Radiance, a revolutionary anti-ageing skincare solution manufactured in France, was presented. QNET Chief Marketing Officer Trevor Kuna said, “Physio Radiance has become a beauty investment in facing premature ageing. The benefits are felt not only on the outside, but also from the inside.”

Here are some snapshots of the event.


Here is a list of the reviews of the event, and of the Physio Radiance range of products, exclusively available from QNET.


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