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Can You Lose Weight By Exercise Alone?

Imagine a scenario where after a lot of procrastination, you finally start hitting the gym hard. Fitness is your mantra, and there’s no one who puts in as much effort as you do. You walk the recommended 10,000 steps, you do some much needed yoga, and you take the stairs instead of the elevator. What do you do when all that hard work doesn’t reflect on your weighing scale?

The National Centre For Biotechnology Information pitted exercise against diet to see which was more effective. The weight-loss study showed that exercise alone is not enough to lose weight. It showed that participants tend to lose more weight by dieting alone than by exercise alone.

What Do I Do For Weight Loss?

200 calories of ice cream vs 200 calories of kiwis. Image Source:
200 calories of ice cream vs 200 calories of kiwis. Image Source:

The same study also goes on to say that the best method for overall health and fitness is a combined one that includes both diet and exercise. However, purely for weight loss, it’s better to watch your portions, eat clean and watch how much sugar you consume. Remember that crash diets are harmful to your system. Slow and sustained changes to your diet is the best way to keep the weight off.

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Why Should I Bother With Exercise?

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Bear in mind that one pound of muscle looks completely different a pound of fat, therefore weight is not a comprehensive measure of your fitness. You could be the ideal weight and still be out of breath from a brisk walk. Apart from making you look better, exercise all helps keep your body ticking like the well-oiled machine that it is. 

How Does Qafé Help?


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