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BioSilver Gel, Your Handbag Hero, Is Your Best Travel Companion

If there is one go-to-product you should always have on hand, BioSilver Gel is it! Here are four compelling reasons why BioSilver Gel is your handbag hero, and your best travel companion.

1. They Fight The Plague Of Dirty Devices

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With so many pollutants lingering, it’s no wonder we are constantly falling ill. In the digital age, most of our time is spend on our digital devices, and if you run a germ test over these babies, you will probably be very surprised. Smear a berry sized amount BioSilver Gel onto a tissue paper or cloth and wipe over your Mouse, Keyboard and Mobile Phone. Not only does this clean away smudges and oil, it also disinfects. And trust me, your device needs it.

2. They Protect You From Invisible Germs In Public Spaces

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Many grocery stores nowadays are equipped with sanitizing wipes or hand sanitizer gels. But they can leave your hands feeling dry and cracked due to the high Alcohol content. An alternative is to whip out your BioSilver Gel to wipe over your trolley handle. While we are at it, can you imagine how many people frequent restaurants and cafes leaving behind food traces and grubby fingerprints? A quick wipe down will remove ghastly germs before you eat.

Public bathrooms are equally cringe-worthy, but it’s even worse when there are no toilet seat covers in the stall. Our remedy? Squirt a drop of BioSilver Gel onto a sheet of toilet paper and give the seat a good wipe down. After allowing the BioSilver Gel to dry, you can relax and attend to your business with a clean peace-of-mind.

3. They Vanquish Troublesome Pimples

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It may sound farfetched, but BioSilver Gel can help clear acne. Just dab a small amount of BioSilver Gel on to the pimple with a cotton swab. The patented SilverSol technology in BioSilver assists to dry out the pimple and reduce itching and redness. Just be sure to check with your doctor or dermatologist if acne is a major problem or you are using another topical acne medication.

4. They Cleanup Unwanted Grease

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If you are like the rest of us, our glasses never seem to stay clean. Grubby finger prints, make up and oil seem to leave the lenses constantly smudged. Rather than waste your money on ‘special’ glass cleaning products, just rub a small amount of BioSilver Gel onto your glasses with your finger and wipe it away with a soft cloth and just like magic, you can now see where you are headed. 

Should we nominate BioSilver Gel for the 2016 Best Ever Product of the Year – we think YES! Pick one up NOW in your eStore.

Tell us what other uses you have found for our BioSilver Gel!

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