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Ready, Set, Glow This Holiday Season With Physio Radiance

Do you want your skin to sparkle for your up and coming year-end parties? Follow these tips curated by Physio Radiance to look amazing by New Year’s Eve!


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Eliminate sugary drinks and dehydrating drinks like artificial juices, soft drinks, coffee and alcohol from your diet, and drink plenty of purified water to flush the toxins from your body, so you keep your skin hydrated and looking plump and healthy. Add fermented foods to your diet to help your systems function better, and keep stress and fatigue from showing on your face. Consuming good-quality organic olive oil will repair your skin from the inside out.


Protect your skin from environmental damage. The sun can cause fine lines and premature aging, and visually the skin will look tired and dehydrated, so remember your sunscreen, especially on long summer days. If you want a sun-kissed look, use a bronzer.

In colder climates, keep your skin deeply hydrated by using a rich moisturiser and serum in the evenings to help keep skin soft and supple, as well as to refine texture and restore your youthful glow, all while you sleep.


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For effortlessly healthy, glowing skin, use an exfoliator* once a week. This will remove buildup of dead skin cells which may cause the skin to become dull and congested, resulting in lackluster complexion and pimples. If you have a big event coming up, a single exfoliation session can immediately make your skin look noticeably brighter and softer!

*Avoid using an exfoliator if you’re suffering from acne as this may aggravate the skin, causing it to become inflamed.



Acne is probably not a major source of angst anymore, but it can still occur due to heavy food and late nights. Avoid inflammatory foods like processed dairy, sugar, coffee and wheat to keep breakouts at bay. The skin heals and replenishes at night, so washing your skin and allowing it to breathe and absorb nutrients from your skin care products is extremely important to how your complexion will look the following morning.


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Keep calm. Planning your skin care routine will take the stress out of the party season. If you are feeling stressed, take the time to experience ‘me time’ doing activities such as yoga and meditation.  

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