Sunday, May 22, 2022

QNET Hong Kong Brings Joy To The Elderly This Holiday Season

Channelling the magic of this holiday season, QNET Hong Kong gathered on a Saturday to visit an Elderly home, and to bring joy to the residents. It was their way of paying homage to the elderly who have played a great role in helping shape our society.

For this activity, we partnered with Po Leung Kuk, an organisation that offers quality elderly services for the rapidly ageing population of Hong Kong. With an estimated 12.6% of the population being over the age of 65, the need for quality care is an important priority to the organisation. They currently run 29 elderly service units which include neighbourhood elderly centres, day-care centres, nursing homes and home care service teams.



Doing their part to give back to the generation that raised us, QNET Hong Kong staff conducted jolly games, and had meaningful interaction sessions with the residents. A lot of time was also invested in setting a rooftop garden in place as well. It was QNET’s way of making this winter season a little warmer by spreading happiness and smiles through the activities. 


The highlight of the evening was when QNET Chief Technology Officer Ivan Woo led the activities with a thrilling performance of the chicken dance. The elderly joined in and there was laughter all around. The elders especially loved interacting with the children of the staff who also attended the CSR event.


The event ended with the distribution of ‘blessing bags’ which contained winter essentials useful to the elderly.

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