To be successful in direct selling requires equal effort from both the distributor and the organisation. With QNET, our commitment to you is so strong, we have put our obligations to you on paper.

Apart from maintaining a positive mindset, engaging in positive practices, and ensuring that other IRs do the same, here are a few more ways you can channel your inner #qnetpro:  

  • When in doubt about the business, about your duties as an IR or QNET’s commitment to you, always refer to the QNET Code of Ethics. Let it be the go-to guide for how you conduct your business. 
  • Ensure your fellow IRs are aware about the Code of Ethics and its guidelines. Put it to practice at all times, until it becomes second nature to you. 
  • Conduct business in a lawful manner, with courtesy, integrity, and in accordance with the Code of Ethics.
  • Respect confidentiality and never use information that may be of detriment to another IR’s business.


While you follow the Code of Ethics, QNET has its own set of rules to ensure we always have your back. Here is QNET’s pledge to you:

  • Our staff and employees will at all times act in a manner which does not conflict with your best interests as IRs.
  • Our employees and staff will carry out our duties in accordance with professional courtesy and integrity.
  • You will be kept well informed on laws applicable to the business and the duties expected of you.
  • Full cooperation of employees is given to IRs with respect to advising you about matters which affect you.
  • Above all else, QNET will always act in your  interest to the best of our abilities.

Good business ethics starts with us – you as a QNET Independent Representative and us as your direct selling company of choice. 

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