V Council Jean Luc from Côte d'Ivoire adds to Africa’s impressive, and growing number of Achievers at V-UAE 2016.
V Council Member Jean Luc from Côte d’Ivoire adds to Africa’s impressive number of Achievers at V-UAE 2016

One of the strongest developers and builders of the Sub-Saharan African markets today, Platinum Star and Associate V Partner Jean Luc is a leader who constantly pushes to raise the bar and believes that success isn’t just about him. An accountant turned networker, he dreamt of taking away the hardships faced by his family and giving them a better life. But, he didn’t stop there. Despite hard conditions, the love for his team pushed him to achieve greater goals, allowing him to come to a point where he is, without a doubt, a compelling example of fighting for what you believe in. His life is an example of how raising yourself can help raise those around you. Here, he shares with us a little bit of his story and shows a different side to Absolute Living.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

I come from a humble African family. Though my father gave us the opportunity to go to school, I remember that we couldn’t afford many things growing up because we simply didn’t have money. I want to be able to take my family out of that poverty and make sure my father and my mother are happy without having to work so hard anymore to make ends meet. Above all, I want my children to enjoy their childhood.

Was there a time you almost gave up? Looking back, how do you feel about it?


When I first began at QNET I was rejected a lot. But the rejection that hurt me the most, and almost made me give up, came from my family. They didn’t believe I could make it in network marketing and I felt abandoned and frustrated. Thinking back, the decision to not give up but put up a fight instead, turned into a source of motivation. I wanted to show them that I was right and so it pushed me to work very hard and that, in turn, brought me my initial success and also convinced my family to join QNET.

How do you lead through change?

I always first identify the change so that I can adapt myself to it before bringing the change to my team. It helps me guide them better and allows us to grow together with change.

What personal habit have you wilfully imbibed, that has had the most positive impact on your life?

V Council Jean Luc at a QNET Press Conference Held in Niger
V Council Member Jean Luc at a QNET Press Conference Held in Niger

I grew up in a family that values prayer and that allowed me to believe that no matter how hard the times are, there is a higher power taking care of us. This allows me to feel a peace of mind that reflects in all aspects of my life. With a healthy mind and spirit, I am better able to appreciate good health, my family and friends, my team, my upline, living my dreams, and the job that I have. And I think that’s a great habit to have.

What do the words ‘health and wellness’ mean to you?

To me, health and wellness not only means living a full life but also having the strength, energy, and mental and physical capacities to live it the best way possible. While conducting daily tasks with ease is important, things like longevity, happiness, love, freedom, and self-satisfaction are all part of overall wellness.

Do you have any fitness goals for yourself?

I make sure I stay committed to consuming QNET’s nutrition, and health and wellness products. I also want to be able to fit sports into my daily routine.

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