To be a successful QNET Independent Representative (IR), sticking to the Do’s and avoiding the Don’ts will make you and the company reach great heights.

Applying good practices or the Do’s in business helps you make ethical decisions, enhance the reputation of the organisation, prevent negative legal repercussions, encourages positive relationships, and acts as a reference for solving ethical dilemmas.

Keeping up to best practices can be difficult when there are no clear guidelines, but of course this is not the case for you in QNET!

Here are some tips to stay on track as a #qnetpro:

  • Advertising another direct selling company or its products is not our style. An IR will not tout for or on behalf of another MLM or direct selling company.
  • Never give out confidential information that can jeopardise individuals or the company, to unauthorised persons for unauthorised or unethical purposes.
  • Respect the privacy of other IRs and keep their financial details confidential and off discussion.
  • At all times, value loyalty and do not encourage another IR to change line of referralship.
  • Engaging in cross lining or poaching is not our culture. Prospecting distributors from competitor companies is never on our to-do list. We don’t encourage others to take this wrong step nor do we condone this unethical act.
  • Professionalism is our badge. We do not use QNET’s sponsored functions and business tools to support cross lining or poaching.

To be a responsible QNET IR, always refer to the QNET Code of Ethics every now and then. It’s your ultimate reference for staying on track throughout the year. Always show your support for #qnetpro!


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