Most hotels simply throw soaps away. Yet, every day thousands of children die from diseases that can be largely prevented simply by washing with soap. 


​QNET Hong Kong partnered with Soap Cycling to collect, sanitise, and recycle slightly used soaps for distribution to underprivileged families and schools in disadvantaged communities in Asia. This activity was done in five sessions starting mid-November until early December, giving Hong Kong employees led by QI Director of Finance and Planning Cathy Zhou and QNET Chairman Richard E Zinkiewicz, enough opportunity to participate. 


According to QNET Business Solutions Manager Arti Asawa, and one of the volunteers, the activity has reinforced their mantra of being mindful. “The activity taught me that we should practice mindfulness when we travel and stay at hotels,” said Arti. “If you don’t need to use the soaps they have provided, don’t open them anymore; because they could still be used to help those in need.”
On QNET Hong Kong’s participation in the CSR activity, Soap Cycling had this to say: 
“Your generous donation of time has helped us to continue fulfilling our mission to save lives in developing Asia through better hygiene, promoting sustainability here in Hong Kong, and providing opportunities for students to develop leadership skills.”
The volunteers processed over 230 kg of soap in total, enough to be used by approximately 270 kids for a year. They also processed over 438 amenity bottles for distribution to the less fortunate in Hong Kong.