Are you still recovering from all the delicious food you devoured during the holidays? In trying not to think of all the havoc our extravagance has caused to our body, we’ve found ourselves suddenly extra interested in exercise and diet. Have you noticed how the word ‘detox’ is being thrown around more often than during any other time of the year?

Apart from the easy-to-observe changes caused for holiday indulgences (read weight gain and tighter clothes), the rich meals are full of salt, sugar and fat, causing a spike in glucose and insulin levels in our body. Unfortunately, rich meals, especially those consumed in succession, means a drastic increase in the amount of free radicals in our body. Oils and fats become oxidised when cooked to high temperatures, causing even more free radicals to be produced.

Here’s the good news. Permanent damage from free radicals can be prevented. Some of the preventive measures include common lifestyle changes such as eating a healthy diet, increasing physical activity as well as learning how to deal with stress. The best solution, however, is to add antioxidants to your list of fighters, and there is no other food that does it quite as well as the master antioxidant – glutathione.

Thanks to EDG3, and its incredible patented delivery system, you can be sure each cell in your body receives the three amino acids it needs to produce glutathione naturally.

The difference between antioxidant rich food and the glutathione produced through the consumption of EDG3 is that glutathione works inside the cell, protecting each cell from any harm. It also enhances the performance of all the other antioxidants we consume in our diet such as Vitamins C and E, making EDG3 superior to other glutathione supplements.

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Do your body a favour this new year and listen to it. Protect yourself from free radical damage and supplement your Absolute Living goals with regular consumption of EDG3, available for purchase in your eStore. You won’t regret it.

Disclaimer: EDG3 is not meant for cure of any of the medical conditions.. It is a supplement to help your body produce glutathione naturally.

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