QVI Club prides itself on being able to open the door for you to explore the world. Their driving passion and motivation has always been to help you discover and experience new and exciting travel destinations whenever you feel the need for a getaway. With a wide range of vacation products with various membership tenures to cater to your lifestyle, members have access to a list of more than one thousand resorts worldwide via XchangeWorld. You also have the flexibility to split your vacation weeks, as well as the option to share or gift your vacation membership to your family members and friends. 

Here’s what our beloved QNET Independent Representatives have to say about their favourite product:


“After our amazing experience with QVI Club in Penang, we enjoyed another experience of luxury in a resort in Kovalam, India. The resort is very close to the beach, and we were welcomed in the traditional style. The whole process from check in to check out was so smooth that we didn’t have anything to worry about. Instead, we just focussed on enjoying our vacation to the fullest.

From the lavish breakfasts to the pristine swimming pool, the indoor games, the restaurant and the evening performances of classical music, the whole family enjoyed the experience thoroughly. The resort staff were at our service 24×7 and the stay was comfortable. It helped us forget our tiredness and helped us rejuvenate.

QVI Club ensures their guests receive everything they are looking for – peace, comfort, luxury and entertainment. I definitely plan to use their services again” – Manish Jain, India

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Watch this photo presentation prepared by Ajith Kumar, India, about a lovely holiday that he had with his family through QVI Club. They went on a family vacation to Coorg and the video shows the highlights of the memorable trip.


“I was very happy to visit one our Home Resort properties – Prana Resort & Spa, Koh Samui. Upon arrival, I was warmly welcomed, and experienced excellent service from the staff during my whole stay. The staff were so sincere and helpful that I want to keep going back again and again. The rooms were clean, comfortable and cosy, and had an incredible view. The resort is also so close to all the tourist locations in Koh Samui. I advise everyone to visit this piece of paradise. Here you can be away from the hustle and bustle of life, and enjoy a real holiday.” – V Council Dauren Issabayev

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Teresa Atanassova Di Pretoro from Bulgaria, enjoyed an unforgettable holiday with her loved ones at Tenerife, an island in Spain, through QVI Club.

You could also enjoy the vacation of your dreams by visiting our eStore today and investing in a QVI Club membership. Don’t forget to leave us photos about your holiday experience on the QVI Club – Official Facebook page.

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