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Physio Radiance Tips To Wake Up Beautiful

Our ‘Beauty Sleep’ should be more than just something we mention in a joke. It should be a way of life. Sleep is crucial to our wellness, and our body uses this time to restore, rejuvenate and energise itself. Here are some tips to wake up beautiful, brought to you by Physio Radiance.

Find A Good Sleeping Position

To avoid waking up with creases and a puffy face, sleep on your back. It’s not easy to change your habits straight away, but the benefits are immense. When you sleep on your back you avoid your face being smashed against the pillow. As a result you will wake up with less wrinkles and reduced puffiness under your eyes.

Activate Your Skin Cells At Night 

During the night, your skin cells go into repair mode. This is the best time to enhance your cell production. Physio Radiance, when used with Visage+, can help deliver the vital nutrients found in our skincare range to your skin. Using the Visage + at night will make your skin look noticeably brighter and firmer due to the three revolutionary skin treatment technologies – Galvanic technology, Radio Frequency and Chromotherapy. The results speak for themselves!


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Make Kenta A Part Of Your Routine


Beauty is not only skin deep. To unleash beauty from the inside out, and to activate your skin cells, enjoy a glass of Kenta before you sleep. Kenta is 100% natural and the carefully selected ingredients, assists to improve skin firmness as well as balances skin tone.  

Add Some Vava Vooom

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We’ve all seen her, beautiful glowing skin and soft bouncy hair – major girl envy! Try this beauty hack to add volume to your hair in the morning – pull your hair up using a soft hair band (we recommend a velvet scrunchie) make sure it is not too tight. When you wake up in the morning, release your hair from the band and your hair will be more voluminous from the roots!

Pucker Up

Soft, irresistible lips can draw attention away from any under eye discoloration so treat your lips with love. Start by gently exfoliating your lips using a sugar scrub. And just like you do for your face, hands and feet, don’t forget to moisturise. Avoid using a lip balm that contains wax as this will block the natural oils from producing and will result in dry lips in the morning.

You can pick up your own set of Physio Radiance skincare products from your eStore. Login today, and unleash the beauty within!

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