QNET Malaysia CSR 2017 (1)

In line with the QNET corporate philosophy of RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind), QNET Malaysia staff visited senior citizens of Pusat Jagaan Satu Warga Emas, a home for abandoned elders.

The centre is home to seven male and six female senior citizens, aged from 42 to 80 years old, who suffer from various health problems. It is operated by Puan Alisha, who initially started as a volunteer at another home before deciding to establish and run a home for the elderly in 2007. Currently, she spends RM 1,200 of her own money to rent two double storey houses for the residents. The home’s monthly operating expenses are dependent on the kind contributions from members of the public.

QNET Malaysia CSR 2017

During the Corporate Social Responsibility exercise, QNET staff helped to beautify the garden, clean the house and give it a brand new paint job. After all the hard work was done, the volunteers sat down to enjoy a hearty lunch with the residents who had so many stories to share with their visitors and new friends. Thanks to the Vijayaratnam Foundation, the residents also received adult diapers and new mattresses.

QNET PR Manager Elaine Aisyah said that it broke her heart to see fragile, elderly folks who are unwell abandoned by their own children. “Most of them here don’t remember how to find their way home and still hold out hope to see their children, who never come back for them,” she said.

QNET Malaysia CSR 2017 (4)

The opportunity to spend time with these incredible elders touched the hearts of the QNET staff, whose passion to give back to society was strengthened. QNET left the home energised and ready to keep working on the big dream of Touching a Billion Hearts.

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