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Romantic Destinations To Escape To This Valentine’s Day Weekend

Love is in the air, making this the perfect time of year to put all your worries aside and channel your inner romantic. Because nothing says romance like a dreamy getaway, this Valentine’s Day weekend, plan your escape to one of these stunning destinations.

Langkawi, Malaysia

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Nothing says tropical paradise quite as well as Langkawi does. This stunning archipelago in Malaysia offers you azure waters, pristine beaches, beautiful jungles and is the perfect place for an idyllic getaway with your beloved. If none of these stirs the heart of your darling, just wait till you witness a magnificent sunset together.

Goa, India

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With a charming blend of sun, sand and spices, you can’t go wrong with Goa. This Indian coastal town matches its serene beaches with a myriad of activities that suit your taste. A delectable blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures means you get to experience the best of both worlds in this pint-sized coastal town.

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

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 Some of the world’s best diving and snorkelling spots are in Sharm el Sheikh Peninsula, and with easy access to desert safaris and Bedouin nights, this resort is a must-see location. A sunset over the Red Sea in unmatchable as it seemingly turns the ocean into a magnificent red symphony. When you’re done with your romantic sunset dinner, visit the Echo Temple, an out-of-this-world amphitheatre that sits at the foot of the Sinai Mountains and allows you the opportunity to listen to music under a blanket of stars.

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