Be A QNETPRO now! (1)

Taking the #qnetpro pledge has never been more important. With a few people obsessed with getting rich quick and tarnishing the legitimacy of direct selling as a career of choice, it comes to us to uphold the QNET Code of Ethics. Being a #qnetpro empowers you to build your network the right way, and is a more sustainable path to success.

This is how you can access the Business Tools you need to transform yourself into a Network Marketing Professional.

STEP ONE: Log-in to your Virtual Office.

STEP TWO: Click on ‘Business Tools’ in the menu bar.

Business Tools in Menu Bar

STEP THREE:  Click on the eBook icon beside the following tools:

  • Professional Marketing Module 1: QNET as a Legal Direct Selling Company
  • Professional Marketing Module 2: Understanding Professional Marketing
  • Professional Marketing Module 3: The QNET Code of Ethics

QNETPro Modules in the VO

QNETPRO Module 1- QNET as a Legal DS Company

Module 3- The QNET Code of Ethics

You may also click on the PDF icons beside the following tools for flyers and presentations that will help you truly understand Professional Network Marketing:

  • Professional Marketing Flyer
  • Professional Marketing Presentation


The direct selling industry is worth $183.7 billion as of 2015, showing a 3-year growth average of 7.2%. It is one of the only industries that have thrived during the worldwide recession. It contributes positively towards the economy and builds entrepreneurs, making self-employment a realistic goal to achieve.

The QNET opportunity is unique- you get a seamless e-commerce platform to buy essential products that enhance your life, you get to be an entrepreneur without being a slave to a corporate routine, and you get a myriad of opportunities for self-improvement via free trainings offered monthly.

Your promise to be living proof of the #qnetpro will go a long way in changing the negative reputation of the network marketing industry as a whole. Walking the talk is a quality you should be proud of possessing and we’re sure that with your commitment, we can be on par with the rest of the common industries on a global scale.