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Dirty Little Travel Secrets: Facts And Tips To Combat Germs While On-The-Go

Have you ever wondered why you fall sick after travelling? There’s something about airplanes that just screams germs. The enclosed space, the recycled air, the guy sitting next to you who refuses to cover his mouth when he coughs, it’s enough to make you want to de-plane and drive to your destination instead.

Fast Facts Air Travel Germs

Good news! Airplanes are equipped with air filters that help reduce the number of microscopic viruses and bacteria. Even better news, BioSilver Gel 22 can further guard against lingering germs! Here are some facts and travel tips on how to combat germs while on-the-go.

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Protect yourself and your family with BioSilver Gel 22 . Its exclusively patented SilverSol Technology helps provide thorough cleansing and sanitisation of your hands and body.

Here’s how you can use it on board:

Cleanse Your Hands After Touching Seat Cushions, Belt Buckles And Armrests

Your seat is a hotbed for germs, who knows how many people have sat there before you? You cannot avoid touching the fabric so use BioSilver Gel 22 to sanitise your hands at regular intervals during your flight.


Wipe Down The Tray Table

Tray tables are meant for eating. Unfortunately passengers tend to use their tray tables for reading and resting their heads on, we have even seen mummies changing baby’s nappies on them! So these little plastic rectangles are one of the most likely spots for the germs. Intel says the cleaning crew does not always wipe down each tray between flights, so it’s up to you to take precautions. BioSilver Gel 22 has antibacterial properties which assists in neutralising bacterial cell membrane. Use to kill any lingering bacteria before you use your tray table.

BioSilver Airplane Tray Table

Clean Your Hands After Handling The In-Flight Entertainment Remotes

If you want to be extra vigilant, you can wipe the remote or belt buckle with BioSilver Gel 22 and a tissue.  

QNET BioSilver Bottles

Avoid Touching Surfaces In The Airplane Bathroom

Treat the airplane bathroom as you would any public restroom, limit your contact with surfaces as much as possible. Use BioSilver Gel 22 to wipe the toilet seat and use a non-touch technique when washing your hands – use a paper towel to turn on the faucet, wash with soap and hot water and use a fresh paper towel to turn off the faucet and to open the restroom door.

Airplane Sanitising Tips

BioSilver Gel 22 destroys millions of pathogens and it is completely safe and non-toxic. You can adequately rid of germs and go about the day without being afraid to interact with your environment.

Safe Travels!

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