QNET CEO India Plans Direct Selling Guidelines

With the objective of being a leader in advocating for direct selling as a legitimate business opportunity, QNET has time and again worked to lay bare the differences between pyramid schemes and network marketing. Apart from working with local governments and policy makers, and urging Independent Representatives to take up the #qnetpro pledge, we have actively sought and been awarded membership in several Direct Selling Associations in Asia.

India and its unrivalled market potential has inspired QNET to fight for the reputation of the direct selling industry. Our aim is to ensure recognition of the direct selling industry, and we are currently seeking clear-cut norms that differentiate direct sellers from those involved in “investment” schemes.

The good news is that the Government of India now has drafted guidelines for multilevel marketing and direct selling with the aim to protect the consumers’ interest. It is well on its way to being reformed into something that can be comparable to an international regulation of sorts.

On India, QNET CEO Trevor Kuna had this to say, “This is a very exciting time to be in the Indian market. India is part of the ‘billion-dollar club’ in the direct selling industry having generated approximately USD 1.18 billion in revenues in 2015.”

 “QNET’s business model is sound and we stand by it. No fraud company can last this long. Unfortunately, a lack of proper legislation for direct selling in India has led to many companies including us being investigated under various Acts,” he added.  He also pitched the idea of having an independent self-regulating trade body under the government to ensure all direct selling business comes under such guidelines.

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