HK QNETPro Stephen So

Our pledge to give the direct selling industry the smartest, exceptionally professional, and most successful distributors it can ever have will remain as one of our top priorities. With this comes the launch of the QNET Professional Marketing Training and Certification Programme. This programme will let you truly understand that your integrity matters in your success.

QNET Hong Kong Operations Manager Stephen So welcomed and prepared a strong crowd for an exciting afternoon of learnings, recognition, and everything #QNETPRO!

This event was a huge success especially with the presence of Associate V Partner Kalai Manikam! She powerfully shared her journey to success and inspired the audience to not only dream big but to keep pursuing their dreams no matter how tough the road seems to be.

HK QNET Pro AVP Kalai Manikam

QNET and the V, limitless ambassadors of #QNETPRO

HK QNETPro Team Shot

Stephen So encouraged the audience to let QNET help them live better lives by embracing the Absolute Living concept. He proudly shared QNET’s exclusive, lifestyle enhancing products that are now available in over a hundred countries. Our world-class products strengthen our #QNETPRO pledge.

HK QNETPro Stephen on QNET Products

Hong Kong Leader Hemanta Pahari shared how QNET Product Trainings helped him to truly understand different water structures, know what’s best for our bodies, and how QNET products can help us achieve healthier lifestyles.

HK QNETPro Bio Disc

QNET Head of Network Success Sinamar Reyes echoed what it takes to be a #QNETPRO. He emphasised how QNET advocates responsibility and integrity as an integral part of a strong foundation of a successful and sustainable network marketing business.

HK QNETPro Invitation to be QNETPRO

In a newly launched video, our V Partners and Associate V Partners also sent a strong message to the crowd about what direct selling really is. They highlighted the importance of ‘researching’ before getting started in any business and emphasised on how discipline and integrity sets QNET apart from bad businesses.

HK QNETPro Video Launch

Bits and pieces of the Professional Marketing and Compensation Plan Training that took place at the Hong Kong Office a day before the Limitless Event were shared onstage. The training consisted of Ethical Marketing Modules, an interactive overview of the QNET Code of Ethics, an Achievers’ Rank Advancement training, an overview of the products, role plays, and more!
HK QNETPro Sinamar Reyes Training
Independent Representatives who successfully completed the QNET Professional Marketing Training happily received their certificates onstage!
HK QNETPro Certificate
HK QNETPro Certificates
Through #QNETPRO, we will remain true to one of our key goals, that is, to be at the forefront in promoting direct selling as a legitimate profession and as a thriving industry, so that we can lead more people to its enriching benefits. Integrity truly matters in your success!