Despite the record new low temperature of 10.6 degrees Celsius this winter, QNET Hong Kong staff and family braved the cold to participate in a ‘New Territories Walk For Millions’ charity walk in aid of family and child welfare services supported by a non-profit called The Community Chest. All of the funds raised will be designated to maintain and strengthen family bonding and to encourage mutual support amongst family members.

The Community Chest of Hong Kong was founded in 1968 and has strived, since its genesis, to raise funds for its member social welfare agencies that help hundreds of thousands of needy and disadvantaged people in the community. In 2017, The Community Chest plans to allocate over HK$35.5 million towards the aid and development of the disadvantaged through its 24 partner agencies.

“It was a great event with over 50 of our staff participating in the Walk. In addition to supporting such a great cause, it was also a good opportunity for staff engagement and to raise awareness of the underserved communities in Hong Kong,” said QNET Hong Kong staff Winnie So.

The Walk is just one of the many Corporate Social Responsibility activities QNET participates in globally. The core value of Raise Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM) is not only a clarion call for our IRs, but also echoes deeply in the heart of our staff.

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