Friday, January 27, 2023

Stop Doing That To Your Face!

Your face is your greatest asset in the Direct Selling Industry with face-to-face marketing still considered one of the best ways to make a sale. So, if you’re doing these things to your skin, you need to stop right now!

Stop Using Soap On Your Face

When talking to a prospect, the last thing you want is for them to be looking at you thinking how dry your skin looks, especially when you are selling health and wellness products. Washing your face with soap is like washing with detergent. Soap can severely damage your skin and cause havoc as it messes with the pH balance. Soap strips the skin of its natural oils, keep the soap at bay and invest in a good quality face wash instead.

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Stop Popping Pimples

Direct sales provides a personal connection between you and your prospect, so stop picking and poking at your zits and making the inflammation worse. When you’re dying to pop that pimple, it’s usually because of how it looks, right? All that meddling just damages the skin, causing more redness and swelling in the long run. You also run the risk of scarring and discolouration. So step away from the pimple and keep the area clean by cleansing or use BioSilver 22 Gel to fight bacteria.

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Stop Using Cheap Razors And Shaving Cream
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Do you suffer from nicks, cuts, razor burn, or razor bumps every time you shave? Give up your habit of reaching for cheap or disposable razors and generic shaving creams that are not meant for you? Your prospect will notice and may even judge the authenticity of what you are trying to sell – even if it is not razors.

DEFY packaging

If you really want to look your best and enhance your inner handsome, DEFY Gear is a men’s multi functional combo set. Dirt Fighter will help to remove dead skin cells, deeply cleanse and also prevent razor bumps. Youth Tonic assists to make your skin smoother and moisturises your skin. DEFY gear is a unique blend of powerful peptides which delay premature ageing and restores your skin’s youthfulness.

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