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V Council Member Nasib Cherishes tripsavr And QNET

VC Nasib BR Tripsavr QNET Testimonial

A degree in Civil Engineering from one of the best engineering colleges in India and a profession in software engineering at a reputed MNC were not enough to satiate the inner entrepreneur in V Council Member Nasib B R. The lack of challenges, and the frustration that ensued caused him to look out for opportunities that were more worthy of his time and effort. It was on this quest that he came across the QNET opportunity, propelling him to achieve his biggest ambitions and his wildest dreams. Today, this passionate IR is a successful entrepreneur, an angel investor, and an award winning movie producer, and he says he owes it all to V Partner K Padma, his network and to QNET for giving wings to his dreams. Here’s what V Council Member Nasib B R has to say about tripsavr and QNET.

Written by V Council Member Nasib B R

What does the word ‘freedom’ mean to you? I am free when I live my life the way I want to, when nothing holds me back from going after a dream. If at the end of it all, I can look back and feel no regret, I am free. Travel is what truly opens the door to this kind of freedom. While I am not the first one to say this, I am one of the handful who lives it. To be on the move, to meet new people, to know their land and culture, to see the world through their eyes, to inspire them with a purpose, and build a common destiny–  this is what I live for. And who should I thank for all this? QNET, my life saver!

Since I started my journey in QNET, I was able to produce two movies so far. These movies were my humble contribution to support a bunch of highly talented local artists, and to promote relevant social causes. To this end, I credit QNET for both broadening my vision for my life, and for providing me with the opportunity for financial stability. My first movie was selected for many international film festivals, and I was privileged to attend a few of them as well.

The one I attended most recently was the premiere of my first movie at the BUFF International Film Festival held at Malmö, the capital of Sweden– a beautiful city guaranteed to induce wanderlust even in the most unfeeling of hearts. When I found out the movie was selected, I immediately went through my tripsavr account. The plethora of offers and choices made it too good an opportunity for me to pass. This is how I also managed to check Denmark and Amsterdam off from my bucket list! The memories and experiences of that incredible trip are beyond words. The facilities and services that I received through tripsavr made the entire experience not only comfortable, but also surreal. But you know what the best part of it all was? The spontaneity! If packing your bags and leaving to an unknown land with less than five minutes of notice is not a lifestyle to dream for, I don’t know what is!

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The most important lesson that I have learnt through my journey in QNET is that in order to live a happy life you should never have any regrets. Life is all about breaking bonds and liberating yourself. And isn’t liberty a synonym of freedom?

tripsavr has helped me cement this ideology about life. It has made it possible for a person like me to travel and experience the different flavours of the world; to soak in the entire essence of a new land and its people, and to be able to extend this amazing opportunity to a lot of curious, ambitious dreamers out there.

When we talk about travelling the world, our inner cynic would immediately name money as the primary concern. Once you think about finances, all your dreams lose its fizz. But the fact is, if we are passionate enough to inspire ourselves, to find motivation that goes beyond old accepted excuses, then believe me my friends, we will find a way to break this cynic within us. I can say this with confidence because I have done it myself. Experience tripsavr, and experience freedom forever!



  1. Tripsavr is best product and it help me a lot for finding good hotels in different part of world . Love you tripsavr and Thank you Nasibka for Introduce tripsavr to us. Love you😍

  2. i’m Shahmy from Srilanka. I’m an IR of Qnet. And I’m using tripsavr, If you want more details contact me through Whats app or email

    Whats app no – +66615973102
    Email – mimshahmy@gmail.com

  3. Loved the way you described your journey from corporate bondages to Freedom in true sense.
    Would love to experience the same through tipsaver. Have 3 sign ups in family with Tripsaver so more the merrier. The thirst to travel and experience our own land alongwith the world is to be quenched.

  4. Wow now that’s an awesome journey from an normal IT engineer to a passionate crazy Dreamer who Acheived a lots of it … Any one would be a follower … Love you Nasib B R…

  5. This is actually the best possible review anyone would ever need to actually start embracing Tripsavr. Making my dad buy the 5000 Tripsavr wasn’t a bad idea after all. 😀


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