Friday, January 27, 2023

Men, It’s Time To Up Your Style Game

Hey, you! Don’t drop the ball when it comes to looking good! It’s time for you to up your style game. All you have to do is stick to three simple rules. Find a style that’s right for you or mix and match! 

  1. Go bright when it’s warm. Dark when it’s not.
  2. Stick to shades that suit your skin and try not to clash.
  3. Just have fun – fashion should not be so serious!
Classic Casual
Classic Casual

Wear earth tones with straight lines and embrace fabrics like corduroy, knits, and texture. You can’t go wrong with dapper brown shoes and tapered pants.

Keep It Cool

Keep It Cool

A mix of green and blue will lend itself to a more urban, street style. Man up and add some rough with cargos, a bomber jacket or a hoodie.

Sexy It Up

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Sexy It Up

For those who want to sexy it up, deep jewelled ruby appears on the runways as regularly as your girl’s hands, so don’t let her outshine you. Add a touch of elegance and mystery and pair with grey.

Rugged Perfection
Rugged Perfection

Yes, it’s true! The ladies love the rugged look. It’s a way to look macho without compromising on style. Also remember that going with the rugged style doesn’t mean you ignore your face.

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