QNET Hong Kong Soap Cycling CSR 1 (2)

QNET Hong Kong participated in the Soap Cycling For Underprivileged Countries activity organised by Soap Cycling, a non-profit organisation that works to collect, sanitise, and recycle slightly used soaps to be redistributed to those in need, and Hands On Hong Kong, a non-profit dedicated to supporting the social sector through the mobilisation of volunteer services.   

QNET Hong Kong Soap Cycling CSR 1 (1)

The volunteers spent the day sorting clean and slightly stained soaps, scraping off dirt and stains before packing them for sanitation and moulding. The soaps are then sent off to people in need.

QNET Hong Kong Soap Cycling CSR 1 (1)

QNET Senior Network Success Executive Jeannie Tan said, “These kinds of activities help raise awareness of such an amazing effort to put these otherwise disposed of items to good use, especially for those who frequently go on business trips to be considerate when using soap when in hotels. It also gives us an opportunity to share Soap Cycling’s unique mission.”

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