Registration is now open for the Swiss eLearning Graduation ceremony that will be hosted on stage at the highly anticipated #VCON17. If you’ve been waiting for inspiration to get started on your Swiss eLearning course, this is it!

Finish your course by 21 April 2017 and get a chance to graduate at V-Malaysia 2017 held in Penang. You can wear a special graduation gown and hat at the official ceremony, and receive your Certificate of Completion in front of your QNET family this May.

Once you complete your course, send an email to [bsbutton text=”” link=”” target=”New page” style=”success” theme=”flat” size=”normal”] with your full name, and your course name. All students and former students who have completed their Swiss eLearning course, and who haven’t previously received their certificate on stage, are invited to register.

Don’t miss out of this fantastic opportunity to stand proud on the biggest stage as you receive your certificate. With your QNET friends and family there cheering you on, it will be an event to remember.

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