Written By Farrash Hasbollah

The girls participating in one of the many activities held during the camp.

The Maharani Camp started their year with 33 students enrolled in the first batch of the Teen Pilot programme this month. The students from SMK Abdul Haji Wahab in Sungai Siput attended the three-day-two-night event held at MH Sentral Hotel in Sungai Siput. 

Head of Vijayaratnam Foundation Ms Jayamalar Samuel welcoming participants to the camp.

Under the watchful eye of chief trainers Mr and Mrs Rama Perumal from Q Life, who have been conducting the Maharani Camps since 2013, the girls participated in various activities, which included “Who is A Girl?”, Lion Dance, Rope-A-Dope, and Dream Building. These girls also attended soft skills classes and training provided by our own Maharani Learning Lab.  Volunteers from Quest International University Perak were on-hand to assist the trainers during the programme.

A group presentation by the girls.

The Teen Pilot programme aims to help increase confidence levels and self-esteem of the young adolescent female participants, in addition to widening their mindset in preparation for becoming more responsible adults. It is also meant to equip the girls with the necessary skills that will enable them to fly high in life and reach their goals.

The modules presented to the students aim to educate them on culture, the realities of life, behavioural attitudes, and goal-setting.  At the end of the programme, the participants go home with a goal-setting target form, which is a timetable for achieving their set goals.

A birthday surprise for the March and April babies

The students were happy to be given the opportunity to participate in the Maharani Camp. The Camp hopes that the girls will feel more empowered and confident when they leave the camp as compared to when they first came to it.  

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