Associate V Partner and QNET Diamond Star Sachin Gupta is all smiles as he displays his exclusive redemption ‘rock’. Also pictured, V Council Shipra Neeraj and QNET Managing Director JR Mayer

As one of our biggest and most inspirational QNET Achievers’, Associate V Partner Sachin Gupta was presented with an exclusive and personalised redemption item. The 1.5ct Diamond Stud with an 18K White Gold setting was specially made for Associate V Partner Sachin Gupta.

Our Diamond ‘Rock’ – Associate V Partner Sachin Gupta – at the Closing Ceremony of the unbelievable #VCON17

The timeless and class Diamond Stud is the perfect mirror of the qualities we have come to love and admire in Sachin. He is not only the rock on which his entire team is built, he is loyal and lives to embody being in service.

QNET Chief of Network Success Malou Caluza poses with Associate V Partner Sachin Gupta and V Council Shipra Neeraj

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