Sunday, May 22, 2022

Want An Unforgettable Travel Experience? Try tripsavr 2.0


We heard you loud and clear, and have used your input to enhance your favourite travel product — tripsavr! Announced first on the prestigious #VCON17 stage, tripsavr 2.0 is the culmination of months of relentless hard work. Our number one aim was to ensure we took everything you loved about tripsavr and amp up its benefits.


With tripsavr 2.0, you will be able to transfer your Savings Dollars to a preferred customer (PC) and earn money. You will also receive travel credits in return when your preferred customer makes a booking using the Savings Dollars. tripsavr 2.0 will make your networking journey much easier and hassle free and you can give away preferred customer (PC) accounts for free as many as you want to.

Here are some noteworthy enhancements that will be made available to you for FREE from 23 May 2017. You will be able to transfer from tripsavr 1.0 to tripsavr 2.0.

  1. You can now give away unlimited and free Preferred Customer accounts to your friends and family.
  2. Your Savings Dollars can be shared with your PC. You can transfer some Savings Dollars to them at any time.
  3. You earn travel credits whenever your Preferred Customer makes a booking.
  4. You can transfer these travel credits to your Q Account at any time or pay for your own bookings using them.

If you are already a tripsavr member, you are eligible for a FREE UPGRADE on 23 May. Join thousands of tripsavr members and discover the world in an easier, more convenient way to travel.

tripsavr2.0 edited

All the information you need about this exciting enhancement is now available to download here


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    • Hi I want to sell my tripsavr due to nouse to me and finance problem.its having 15000usd I will sell for 3 lakhs only of u want drop a message on +919492208143


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