QNET Hong Kong and APCSC Roundtable 1

QNET, in partnership with Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium (APCSC), held an eye-opening and educational Customer Relationship Excellence And Customer Service Quality Standard Roundtable at the QNET Hong Kong office. The conference, with a theme of Innovative Best Practices for Customer Experience, Branding, and CRM, was attended by several executives and directors from different industries of logistics, entertainment, banking, healthcare, direct selling, telecommunications, e-commerce, IT, and media sectors from Hong Kong.

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QNET Chief of Network Success Malou Caluza and QNET Head of Network Success Sinamar Reyes represented and introduced QNET as one of Asia’s leading direct selling companies that provide opportunities to IRs to be economically self-sufficient and to enhance their lifestyles. Sinamar presented QNET’s story – how we started, how we grew, and how we make efforts every single day to ensure our IRs will have continued support and sustainable businesses through business developments and technology advances.

APCSC Chairman Jason Chu sharing the latest innovative trends in customer relationship excellence

Included in the event’s line of speakers was APCSC Chairman Jason Chu who welcomed the delegates and opened the conference with an inspiring message — “Our people aspire to be Customer Relationship Excellence (CRE) leaders like the athletes aspire to be the Olympic medalist. CRE Leadership inspires employees to transform into the customer-centric culture. Together, we share new insights of customer relationship among the CRE Community and promote new CRE icons and brand through our international partnership.”

Also present was Hon. Charles Monk, a legislative councillor who emphasised the importance of the connection between the government and its people which can be improved with keeping up with today’s technology growth. He shared his CRM solutions through a presentation entitled ‘How to Leverage on CRM to keep the Government relevant in this digital age?’

APCSC Chairman Jason Chu presenting the Customer Relationship Excellence Community Leader certificate to QNET Chief of Network Success Malou Caluza.

The QNET Roundtable served as a platform for market leaders to converge and share practices on service innovation to improve their existing customer service policies as well as to provide solutions for current and future obstacles they’ll encounter. We look forward to continuing being in the heart of such essential discussions in the future.

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