As a strong advocate for direct selling guidelines and professional marketing ethics among our IRs, we initiated the #QNETPRO campaign, a pledge from QNET and our IRs to be at the forefront of promoting direct selling as a thriving and legitimate profession, and a symbol of our vow to clear the name of direct selling industry. As part of the campaign, 2017 saw the launch of the QNETPRO Training, an ongoing set of trainings on the QNET Compensation Plan, an overview of QNET’s amazing products, Direct Selling and Professional Marketing that spans three modules capped by a certification programme for all the attendees.

Here is a small snapshot of the QNETPRO Training modules – available in the business tools section of your virtual office:


This module aims to give Independent Representatives an overview on what is Direct Selling and Network Marketing. These are two fundamental business practices that must be clearly understood by a Network Marketing Professional in order to build a professional and sustainable business. At the end of this module, an IR is expected to distinguish Network Marketing VS. Pyramid schemes using simple and concise statements in bullet forms, an actual case study, straightforward research tips and quotes from internationally distinguished business professionals. This module is concluded with 2 slides showing QNET as a legal direct selling company.


This module summarises the QNET Policies and Procedures through non-text heavy, specific and situational case studies. Extracted from the QNET Policies and Procedures, this module touches on issues like misrepresentation of the products or business, verbal promises, overselling, income earnings, prospecting, misleading or offensive advertisements, and aims to shed light on these matters through providing tips on how an IR can steer way from unethical business practices by confidently and professionally presenting the business through clear-cut do’s and don’ts. At the end of this module, an IR is expected to understand the traits of a professional QNET IR and become a QNETPRO.


This module summarises the whole course through the QNET Code of Ethics. Although code of ethics are publicly available online not only in QNET but for other industries in general, it mostly only appears as a kind of formality that no one really takes the time to read. Through putting these important statements on screen and asking the audience to read together, we are assured that an IR goes through and understands the true meaning and value of the Code of Ethics.  

The QNETPRO Trainings will be held all year round across the countries we work in. Keep a look out for announcements about the upcoming trainings in your region. In our current pipeline are Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and a few West African countries.

Don’t forget to check out the #QNETPRO tab on QBuzz to read more about QNETPRO and our efforts that we believe can lead more people to the incredible freedom that can be enjoyed through network marketing.

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