A Simpler And Better QNET Compensation Plan

To make QNET products an integral part of many people’s daily Absolute Living — this is an important QNET vision. To pursue this, we have complemented our products with a dynamic compensation plan that rewards customers for using QNET products and services, selling to others, and empowering others to do the same.

Over the years, QNET has grown and transformed based on the ever-evolving business needs of our Independent Representatives and ensured that they will have a successful and sustainable business in QNET through life-enhancing exclusive products, innovations, technological advancements, and strategic developments. With this, we welcome new exciting enhancements in the QNET Compensation Plan, valid from 22 July 2017. 

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Your Rank Advancement and Maintenance Targets — now monthly!

Achieve both personal and team sales goals at the same time! Everyone has the same commission period, so it is easier to track and monitor performance.

Enhanced Rank Advancement and Maintenance Requirements

Requirements are now reduced and are achievable within a month. Your rank advancement schedules for Platinum and Diamond Star ranks have also been shortened from 2 quarters to 2 months!

Sapphire Star Rank

Practice your sales and leadership skills in preparation for bigger and more rewarding ranks with this new rank strategically placed between Gold Star and Platinum Star!

Blue Diamond Star Rank

An exciting new rank that is designed to excite, motivate, and reward our top performers in the Achievers’ Club!

Rank Maintenance Bonus for Diamond and Blue Diamond Star! *ON PROMO!

Greater cash rewards await our Diamond and Blue Diamond Stars when they maintain their respective pay ranks for 6 consecutive months!

More options to earn from Repeat Sales!

More Achievers’ Club ranks mean more options to earn!

RSP just got better! *ON PROMO!

BEFORE: 1,000 RSP = USD 30

NOW: 1,000 RSP = USD 40

Enjoy this incredible opportunity to earn more from Repeat Sales!

An Integrated and Dynamic Compensation Plan 

You can now get rewarded for all your sales efforts and promoting all the professional network marketing behaviours of Refer, Repeat, Rise and Retain, from one hybrid Compensation Plan! Get on your road to success with simpler terms and an integrated and dynamic compensation plan!

    Use and refer QNET products to others and build your sales team. Regularly referring QNET products is a discipline and practice that will build your foundation for long-term growth.
    Be a product of your product and consume. Create this repetition
    behaviour in your business team and see the results.
  • RISE
    You rise in rank, stature, and wealth as you advance in the QNET Achievers’ Club ranks. Do not underestimate the importance of setting and achieving each step in this Rank Advancement platform.
    Retain the success that you and your sales team achieved to ensure a sustainable and solid business that will help you lead more people to the incredible benefits of using and selling QNET products!  

A sustainable business and a lasting power of true residual income are truly within reach for every QNET IR who develops and practises the disciplines of Refer, Repeat, Rise, and Retain.

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