To spread the spirit of giving during the holy month of Ramadan, top representatives and officials of QNET visited the Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice (BACCH) in Kuwait City.

Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice is the only palliative care centre in the Middle East and one of the largest in the world, dedicated exclusively to children with life-threatening or life-limiting illnesses. Their aim is to improve the quality of life of the children and their families, from diagnosis and beyond, by offering tailored services like end-of-life care and bereavement support.

Bayt Abdullah means Abdullah’s home in Arabic. The name was inspired by a young boy called Abdullah who returned to Kuwait following the failure of his treatment in London for neuroblastoma. After lengthy hospital stays and often painful procedures, there were no further treatments that could offer hope for a cure. Abdullah’s mother promised her son that he would never again have to stay in a hospital and asked for the support of the Kuwait Association for Children (KACCH) to enable her to look after Abdullah at home. A team of experts were hired to manage his pain and other symptoms allowing Abdullah to live as normal a life as possible in the face of his approaching death. This powerful experience encouraged KACCH to work towards the provision of similar care for other children in Kuwait who have a life-threatening illness. Bayt Abdullah has been developed specifically to give those children the specialised care they need, ensuring emphasis is placed on quality of life and the best day to day care possible, providing their families with support throughout their challenging journey. ‘Bayt Abdullah’ is named in memory of Abdullah and his family.

QNET pledged to provide BACCH with life-enhancing products, the much-acclaimed AirPure Air Purifiers and the HomePure 7-Stage Water Filtration System. HomePure is a high-quality water filtration system that incorporates a mechanical seven-filter Ultrafiltration (UF) system. Built with the latest innovative technology, the AirPure range provides cleaner and safer indoor air.

“It is an honour for us to visit BACCH. We are so inspired by the story of this place and the work that they are doing to help these little children face their illnesses with smiling faces. We hope to be a part of this and help bring a positive change to their lives through some of our life-enhancing products, like AirPure and HomePure, which will help make the environment around them healthier,” said QNET Regional General Manager for the Middle East and North Africa Khaled Diab. 

The HomePure 7-Stage Water Filtration System and AirPure Air Purifiers will be placed within the premises of the Hospice including its playroom, cafeteria, library, and daycare.