In honour of World Environment Day, QNET Thailand staff and volunteers gathered together during the weekend to craft eco-friendly baskets that will be distributed to schools for underprivileged students in less fortunate communities in Bangkok. The baskets were handcrafted by our staff using recycled plastic straps and woven to house plants.

The weekend activity was an opportunity for QNET staff to do their bit for our one-of-a-kind planet and to practice QNET’s core value of RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. Our staff social responsibility activities are diverse and carried out throughout the year. On this occasion, we chose to align our activities with World Environment Day.

QNET Executive Assistant to Managing Director Jinny Namolpan Paereratanasomporn said, “So glad that I can help create a better planet.” The baskets were made from recycled material, and were woven to help the plant thrive while also protecting the plant from flooding during heavy rains. As a green company, we are conscious of our environment and strive to do what little we can to help. “Sometimes the smallest things have the most impact. In this case, it is baskets to plant trees in, which is amazing!” said QNET Senior Social Media Executive Aneesh Medina.

It was an empowering experience to be able to not only dedicate time but to learn and use a skill that can make a positive difference. The basket making skills that were picked up during this World Environment Day activity will be also be used later in the year to create a workshop for underprivileged women. Stay tuned.

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