Enhancements and transformations- these are key elements for a successful and sustainable QNET business.

With this, we are very pleased to announce that the new Rank Advancement and Maintenance dashboards will be launched soon! This will come a few days after the implementation of the enhancements in the QNET Compensation Plan. These new incredible business tools will be yours to utilise very soon.

The Rank Advancement and Maintenance Dashboards are important business tools that are designed to help you move up or maintain your Achievers’ Club ranks and earn more through the dynamic management of your rank advancement and maintenance requirements.

What’s new?
  • Optimal browsing experience on your mobile phone, tablet and computer.
  • Know how much time you have left to complete your target sales and rank advancement or maintenance requirements for the current sales month through the Sales Month Calendar and Countdown Timer! This is a very important tool that will help you manage your rank requirements and achieve them on time.
  • Watch out for TOOL TIPS! These useful little buttons will display information about the relevant terminologies used in the dashboard.
  • Overall Progress Bars– this will show your overall Rank Advancement accomplishments by percentage.
  • Table View Tab – shows the actual number of requirements you have achieved for the next rank. 
  • Know the requirements you have achieved for the next rank by percentage, indicated by the overall progress bars through the Visual View Tab.
  • Important text will all be Clickable Links that will show you relevant information. All Rank Advancement requirements’ boxes will be clickable. See who are contributing to your GRSP, your downlines who close to achieving the next higher rank, etc.

…..and more!

We believe that the new rank advancement dashboard will be a platform that will help us promote the culture of Refer, Repeat, Rise and Retain.

Watch out for more information about this important transformation.

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